Hello there, and welcome. My name is Neils, A.K.A. Number926, and this is my site. I’ve been writing for years, primarily as a ghostwriter and writer’s assistant but occasionally as a copywriter and marketing professional. Of late, I’ve taken to writing short pieces ranging from essays and commentary to short stories and conceptual works. I […]

The United States of America has always been a country that prides itself on being a beacon of progress and innovation. From the invention of the light bulb to the first man on the moon, Americans have always embraced the future and pushed the boundaries of what is possible. However, in recent years, there has […]

For many Star Trek fans, First Contact Day is a day of hope and positivity. It represents a vision of a future in which humanity has overcome its divisions and prejudices and reached out to other civilizations in peace and cooperation. The idea of a united humanity, working together to explore and understand the universe, is a powerful one that inspires many people to believe in the potential for a better future.